Random Thoughts while I can’t upload my photos!

I’m wondering what on earth is going on with my server or whatever … I’ve got loads of photos to upload and show the world!!!

patience .. I’m growing older … noticed more and more greys on my head .. hope it’s signs of wisdom or lots of folly 😛

The Cameron Highland Family trip was indeed a breath of fresh air … in fact lots of fresh air. Funny we stayed on a road called “Jalan Kamunting” 🙂

Still warming up my “engine” …

what series shall I try once I can upload pictures?

I’ve been eating pototoes everyday since Sunday. It’s Easter friends!

The traffic in Kuala Lumpur is crazy!

nothing much to say … perhaps I should do some random links…

but before that, I’ll put up another Easter meditation .. hope to get the design and pdf done ASAP.

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