The Easter Kamunting Holiday 1.1

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My longest distance so far lately has been to down south Seremban, Port Dickson or Malacca. I’ve always liked the scenic drive up north towards Ipoh and this round Cameron Highlands. We chose to use the new highway which was 40km more but a smoother drive. It rained heavily when we left Kuala Lumpur. But we had clear skies as we approache the foothill of Cameron Highlands.

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We made one pit stop at the Tapah R & R … I bought some chips to energize me for the long drive (it did!) Gareth was sleeping most of the journey. When he got up he had lots to say about the hills and the mountains he saw. Elysia is seen here having fun with her hat! Mummy May Chin looks happy … this has been a long awaited family trip. We missed th last post Christmas holiday because the kids and later May Chin fell sick. We’re grateful this Easter holiday materialized … more on why “Kamunting” tomorrow.

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