Easter 1.10: The Voice on Earth’s Wilderness

John 3:7 – 15

A late pastor once remarked that a lot of people go to church to escape reality. He remarked that some people lived a dream life in church while struggling to keep their lives in order. Sounds very much like us sometimes right? We too, seem too preoccupied with the joys of heaven but do not want to inherit the earth and be its salt.

Like Nicodemus, we have expected to hear the voice of God concerning “heavenly things” but have not stopped to discern the voice of God concerning “earthly things”. It is good that we believe in the unseen (John 20:29), but why is it hard to speak of what we know and “testify what we have seen” (v11)? It sounds more like “How can I love God who is in Heaven when I cannot love my own neighbor who is on earth? (1 John 4:20)” It sounds very harsh but the truth has to be squared out. When this question is brought up, what then does eternal life mean?

For us, eternal life must not just be about living forever (lets worry about that later), but about how we live the Christian life. Just as Moses lifted up the snake on the bronze serpent, how have we lived to lift up the Son of Man? We have done much to lift Him up on the cross, but have we lifted Him up on high, in glory here on earth, and most importantly, in our lives?

By baptism, our faith in Christ implies a love for God and neighbor (1 John 5:1-2). We can begin then, to discern His voice on Earth and live the eternal life by bringing the joy and hope that comes from Easter to those who need and yearn it. By our love and actions, not words, show Christ unto them. Amen.

REFLECTION: Open the ears of our hearts Lord, that we may hear Your voice here on Earth and lead the eternal life gained by faith.

(Meditations contributed by Collin Nunis)

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