Easter 1.8: In Touch with “Thomas”

I’d like to introduce my young Roman Catholic friend Collin Nunis who’s our next contributor after Alwyn takes a break ~ Sivin.

John 20:19 31

Thomas was the last apostle to meet the resurrected Lord but was the first to go with Him to Jerusalem at Passover time. The apostle Thomas was a natural pessimist. When Jesus proposed that they visit Lazarus after receiving news of his illness, Thomas said to the disciples: “Let us also go, that we may die with him” (John 11:16).

While Thomas deeply loved the Lord, he lacked the courage to stand with Jesus in His passion and crucifixion. After Jesus’ death, Thomas made the mistake of withdrawing from the other disciples. He sought loneliness rather than fellowship in his time of adversity. He doubted the women who saw the resurrected Jesus and he doubted his own fellow brother disciples. When Thomas finally had the courage to rejoin the other disciples, the Lord Jesus made His presence known to him and reassured him that He had indeed overcome death and risen again. When Thomas recognized his Master, he believed and exclaimed that Jesus was truly Lord and truly God!

Have there been times where we have doubted our Lord? Have there been times where we have doubted the presence of the Risen Christ, a symbol of hope and joy, in the faces and the lives of people? Its time to believe in the unseen, that we may see it from our hearts. Besides, if there are people who forgive and intend to make peace with us who sometimes offend, isn’t it a sign of the Lord’s presence? Amen.

REFLECTION: Jesus, You are a source of hope. Let us be instruments of the joy, hope and warmth that only Your resurrection can bring. Amen.

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