The Easter Kemunting Holiday 2.4


we were so excited on day two Monday and went to Boh Tea Plantation near Habu. Little did we know like pastors they take their sabbath on Monday 🙂

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But that didn’t dampen our spirit, we got more educated that’s all .. i.e. don’t go to tea plantations in Cameron highlands on monday! I tried to make Elysia lighten up with our national flower …


Another lesson, the next time .. stop read the sign properly and then decide whether to drive ALL the way up or not. A little pause makes a BIG difference. However, a follow up lesson is needed. After as a fool you still drove up, make the best of it and laugh all the way down. And learn … internalize .. do whatever in order not to repeat the mistake … share with others. Look closely: CLOSED ON MONDAY!

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Later we checked out our upcoming August 31 – September 2 church retreat venue. Don’t judge a camp venue by it’s sign board, we’re looking for vintage classic looks anyway. 🙂

IMG_2145.JPG IMG_2151.JPG

IMG_2146.JPG IMG_2147.JPG

Nice chalets, walls that’s got “feel” (and history), upgrades inside too – see the little girl crawling on the bed! This is authentic stuff .. minus the “flamboyance” of modern day hotels. There’s lots of history and heritage here… lots of church camps. Some of us came here as kids and teenagers! There are stories to tell.

IMG_2154.JPG IMG_2157.JPG

the tables at the canteen brings me sweet memories … it’s also equipped with a cool vintage pulpit … it’s going to be wonderful!!! 🙂 I can already imagine. check out that ping pong table!

IMG_2150.JPG IMG_2165.JPG

Mrs. Leong (who’s helping to manage this place) tender lovingly offers these gifts of beauty … for the surroundings. I’ll end this post by reminding myself… the country I call home and the beauty God’s creative work is expressed here. Before we did anything (usually we make a mess of it), God’s natural artistry as seen through the flowers especially has gone before us. We need to follow his lead …


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