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Where was God? An interview with David Bentley Hart.(Interview)
Might jumpinto a book by Hart during Easter to “stretch” me … paragraphs like this is enough to get me excited:

” Christians often try to distinguish between what God wills and what God permits or allows. But does this distinction really help? If God allows something, or creates a world in which evil is allowed, then in some sense isn’t it part of God’s will?

Unless one thinks that God’s act of creation is purely arbitrary–and it would be incoherent to attribute arbitrariness of any kind to a God of infinite goodness (an argument for another time)–then one must understand creation as a direct expression of God’s own Logos. God does not create like an omnipotent consumer choosing one world out of an infinity of possibilities that somehow stand outside of and apart from his own nature. Here’s one without cancer, there’s one without Bach, over there’s one with a higher infant mortality rate, and so on; this is the worst sort of anthropomorphism.

GOD CREATES the world of Jesus, the world conformed to his infinite love for his Son in the joy and light of the Spirit; he thereby also wills his goodness in all his creatures infinitely, which is to say he wills this world for eternal union with him in love, and he wills that we should become partakers of the divine nature.

There is no other world that God might have created, not because he is bound by necessity, but because he is infinitely free, and so nothing can hinder him from expressing his essential and infinite goodness perfectly, in and through the freedom of creatures created to be the fellows of his eternal Son. “

I’ll pick one glaring statement … “Jesus is Lord and neither modernity nor postmodernity are.”

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In praise of SLOW
Thanks Maggi highlighting this from Carl Honore, In Praise of Slow. .. “Being Slow means never rushing, never striving to save time just for the sake of it. It means remaining calm and unflustered even when circumstances force us to speed up. One way to cultivate inner Slowness is to make time for activities that defy acceleration–meditation, knitting, gardening, yoga, painting, reading, walking ”

after evangelical terms
can we redeem the term?

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