Random Thoughts on a Quiet evening

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It’s quiet now …

Traffic jams in KL nowadays are starting to drive me nuts. But then again, it has always been driving me nuts. some days more than others.

Posting “The Easter Kemunting Holiday” pictures has been therapeutic and is an exercise to suspend time a little longer or learn to re-live moments which often are left behind too quickly.

A conversation at a funeral on Friday made me ponder and wonder again our ethics in evangelism. Lord, have mercy on us …

Highs and Lows can be so close to one another ….

Listening to some fascinating Malay songs right now.

The weather the past week has been in extremes … daytime sunshines and evening storms 😛 My health has not been tip top as well. And it’s not just me.

Moved to listen to some English songs now.

I’ve been meeting many unchurched people lately … each has a story to tell, is there anyone listening?

I know I’ve made many mistakes … I know I’ve failed many expectations whether it’s from myself or others.

James 1.22 stood out for me today at the LiFE Group meeting: ”
“And remember, it is a message to obey, not just to listen to. If you don’t obey, you are only fooling yourself.” (NIV)

The space for prayer and meditation at the LiFE Group meeting today was so precious for me. I treasured the moment.

It’s grace when one is offered a second chance … even a third chance …. grace is rare these days.

Physically I was a wreck last Sunday, thankfully I still managed to pull through a 2 hour commissioning service translating here and there for a number of people.

I was surprised to hear some words from my aunty which lifted me up so much when I needed it. It’s just so good to hear them from another human being and especially from one whom I respect and one who’s paid the price in many ways to sow the seeds that now are growing in my life.

She made sure that I heard them again and clearly over the phone during the week. This is the season of Easter, I sense God is doing something to bring new life to me … quietly and gently. I’m well aware the challenges are not over (when are they ever on this side of heaven) 🙂 I don’t deny there comes a time when even when God places wonderful gifts before us, we may hesitate to recieve them … but these are the gifts of grace he brings to us in our time of need.

Oh yes … My aunty’s name is … GRACE.

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