Random Thoughts while watching American Idol

Nice to hear lots of Elvis Presley songs … it’s funny because I’ve grown to appreciate Elvis more as I grow older. That goes for the Beatles too. For someone closer to home … P. Ramlee, no one has surpassed him in Malaysia yet!

This afternoon’s buffet was awesome … it’s tiring too but good. I had my share of lamb chops … so it’s a pretty good holiday thus far.

Gareth hugged me while I was driving tonight, I enjoyed that a lot.

yesterday had a special suprise moment where I had a short googletalk chat with Brian Mclaren 🙂

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a headache (and not metaphorically) … after a nap today it was painful. Now it’s better, maybe it’s all the Elvis songs?

energy levels are increasing gradually … but sleeping after 1am and trying to wake up early in the morning and feel energetic is no longer possible.

Reading A Tribute to Stanley Grenz did me a lot of good … all round. I’m looking foward and trusting *grin* to see theologians similar to his ethos emerge in Malaysia and across the globe.

It’s a treat to see May Chin enjoy watching TV for a change …

I agree with Bob’s post Once A While… “God works in weird ways and brings the right people across your path just when you need them. You just gotta know that you’re looking.”. The last few years, I’ve found myself in conversations with people I never imagined I’d actually be talking with. What’s even more exciting is when these conversations evolve into friendships and sometimes opportunities to work together in some form. Bob called me an “unconventional Gen X clergyman” which got me laughing out loud. He adds on in the comments, “Encourager, encouragee, friend, chaplain, pastor, shepherd, sojourner, fellow traveller …” I’m learning a lot mate…

got to go May Chin wants to watch a movie .. that’s good.

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