Random Thoughts Before Bringing Elysia Home

I had a good time hanging out with Colin Kirton from Footstool Players during lunch. Surprised to bump into Soo Wei (one of the actors) for the upcoming play in BLC. As usual it wasn’t just the food, it’s the conversations, connecting, sharing stories and hopes.

The funny part is we bumped into one of my church members – it was a little embarressing because I was trying to eat my meehoon when she tapped my back. Of course, earlier it was even more suprising top bump into “old” friends Pastor Kenneth & Sandra Chin. Lots of surprises today.

I got an email today which made me on one had “shiver” because of the phenomenon of hype present and even promoted in Malaysian Christianity. And yet, I’m thankful the years “on the edge” has given me some space and security to process these “pressures” from a distance – a healthy one. It’s joyful to know one is not imprisoned by what’s popular. But, one still needs to be watchful after that pat on the back!

The world is REALLY small … this is my running theme last weekend when two of my life group members shared about someone they met at a meeting whom I too have met at least once *grin*. Then suddenly discovering a new friend I’m getting to know is actually the sister of another friend I’m getting to know better from totally differing context. Fascinating. The funny thing is … (fill in the blanks)

The traffic is crazy today on my journey to pick Elysia from my mom’s place.

using the internet is a strange experience in an internet cafe here. On my left, one guy listening to Chinese pop music, a load of kids playing computer games, two Africans next to me surfing. My brother apparently helped design the basic atmosphere of this internet cafe. We are all shoe-less 🙂

I want to catch up with some reading. .. I think I always say that ….

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