Random Links 96

N.T. Wright and Anne Rice: Writing Our Way to God
What if I’m not a “Left Behind” or “Da Vinci Code” Kind of Christian (and also not a “Jesus Dynasty” fan?) 🙂

Pursuing Wholeness in Community
This is such a long “struggle” / “journey”

The DaVinci Code . . . picking up where Luther left off?
I’m looking forward to take Dwight for tea when he comes to Malaysia.

Nice makeover and fresh organization … The picture of “faithmaps” is helpful: “A faithmap highlights known reference points on the terrain, but it does not detail every particular. And – most importantly – a faithmap is designed to be used while going somewhere.”

The Da Vinci Code and a Hunger for Something More
For those who still can stomach more DVC servings 🙂

New-time religion
so “open source” is not just for technology, some are trying to ee how this works in theology.

parker j. palmer: community, knowing and spirituality in education
This name has been popping up in conversations and blog reading lately.

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