Random Thoughts before Craziness begins


Since “Da Vinci code” is cracking the box-office and I have three weeks of “craziness” ahead of me … I can wait for the DVD. 😛

It’s so good to start the day with Sacred Space something just “happens” when I’m unhurried. It’s like a heart environment of “openness” is cultivated. Last week, I felt the same while using the lectionary readings to guide me. So far, these two practices have been a life-saver as far as my quest for “holistic spirituality” is concerned.

Much to complete this week …
– preparations and sermon for the wedding on Saturday.
– finalizing as much as I can for “Asian Notes” – 21 meditatations and reflections on Psalms
– Getting the outline and reader ready for a course on “spiritual formation” I’m co-teaching with Sherman in the seminary next week … my maiden course!
– Facilitate the denomination education committee meeting on Thursday
– attend a bookstore board meeting on Friday.
– there’s more … less obvious stuff.

I hope to catch with with some needed blogging especially on the recent eMo meeting, Alwyn has started the ball rolling with Four Portraits and one Lord. And there’s also the Sunday performance by Footstool PlayersM which had evoked a number of “stirrings” within me.

I wonder how Gareth is doing spending time at a different school today.

Had better sleep last night (in fact the afternoon nap was extremely needed) … feel fresher today. Need to be careful not to fall sick… the schedule starting today is “crazy” that’s the best I can describe it.

Funny how people converge around music.

Feeling a little sad partly because the recent saying “goodbyes” have been rather close. And this reminds me of the reality of change again and again. While we have new “hellos”, there are also many “goodbyes”. The Chinese phrase for it is more of “We will meet again or see each other again”. That’s a little better.

Many changes coming ….

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