Sweet Hour of Prayer


“Whenever I happen to be prevented by the press of duties from observing my hour of prayer, the entire day is bad for me. Prayer helps us very much and gives us a cheerful heart, not on account of any merit in the work, but because we have spoken with God and found everything in order” ~ Martin Luther (Luther’s Works 54, p.17)

I can’t say I manage to have an hour of prayer everyday (10-15minutes still does wonders!). But, increasingly I’m beginning to appreciate more and more what Luther is saying above. The whole day which is already full of potential chaos, crisis, expectations and whatever is always ready to drown me. So, for one’s heart to be cheerful and find some “order” makes a whole lot of difference.

This morning is one of those kind of days, much of the battle is mental and emotional (as well as spiritual). It’s war of the (inner) world. So, while it could only get some settling after a swim an hour ago (where I actually did some “slow breathing” here and there) – the physical ordering helped me create space for a kind of centering.

After the swim, a good cold shower, some celtic music as the background, I began prayer journaling and for a change get the help of Brother Martin on his meditation on Psalm 42.4. At first I was alone, then the kids returned with Mummy. Normally, I’d go “Ouch! just when I was beginning to start praying!” But this time, perhaps everthing is in slight better “order”, it’s ok.

I’m even blogging now while mummy is managing the hard task of getting the kids for a nap. Ok, I’ll go and help a bit 🙂

My heart is a little bit more cheerful now.

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