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Brazil given harsh lesson in the art of becoming a team
I watched the game between France and Brazil, and I could “feel” the difference not just in the way they played, but even in their facial expressions. And that was after watching England bow out of the World Cup kicked out by Portugal. Both games are helpful in providing “analogies” for a whole lot of things from working as a team to lmoving as a local church, from exisiting in a denomination to the struggles in a small group, etc. Fill in the blanks ________ and explore. The whole piece is interesting, here’s a teaser paragraph: “Brazil arrived at this World Cup not as a great team, but as a group of spectacular individuals. They stayed that way. No one would have wanted them to lose their Brazilian DNA in becoming a team. We wanted them to play for fun and with a smile, and take risks. But you have to do all that as part of a calculated strategy. The Brazilian players did not grasp that point.”

9.5 theses on listening to preaching
so much advice is on how to prepare and preach, how about to listen for a change?

The Myth of Expository Preaching & the Commodification of the Word
Hmmm … in Malaysia, I’m not sure whether many are expository preachers – so far a lot of what I’ve heard is more topical (even if it has many texts or springs from a single text). I think I’m more like a Narrative preacher. Then again, I’m basically interested in “Biblical” preaching in whatever forms where we “hear” the Gospel (There’s a strong Lutheran law/gospel streak here). Anyway, check this out: “Some might imply that I don’t believe preaching is any longer possible in the postmodern worlds. But for me, nothing could be further from the truth. Some might also argue the same problem plagues topical preaching. However, I believe expository preaching could be more dangerous because it carries a myth of being “truer” to God’s word. There are those who respond to all of this by dismissing the role of traditional preaching altogether. And some who respond with attempts to democratize preaching”

we are human “beings” and also “becomings”?

Why ask Why
Gareth loves to ask “Why?” more than three to four times at one go …

Reclaiming the adjective – Christian
“What is it to be a Christian or Christ follower, why people cringe when they hear the word Christian, and why are some Christians crap at doing the stuff?”

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