Superman Returns


I’ll never forget that eventful afternoon after school when Mom and a cousin sister waited for me to pick me up for Superman: The Movie. I might not remember the exact details on how it felt during the movie itself. But strangely, I can recall quite vividly the anticipation and excitement going for it 🙂

Gareth told us that he might be afraid of the bad guys in the movie but he’s not scared of Superman. So, after school today I took him to watch the movie. I think he prefered Superman to appear more. And Gareth was indeed scared of Lex Luther – He called him “Botak Man” (Botak is Bald in Malay) which brought some humor to a very cold air-conditioned cinema.

I’m always amazed at how Gareth identifies with the characters of a movie whether it’s animated or otherwise. He has very strong empathy. There were times when the “emotional” ride was a little too much for him. Of course, he’s a little young to appreciate the whole movie, the story, the plot and the dialogue etc. But for him it was a simple, “Superman is a good man oh? He takes care of all the people.” I think he’s a lot like his mother *grin* where he loves to asks questions throughout the movie, like “Why is Superman doing this or that? or “Where is he going?” or “Why is he in a particular place?” .. that kind of stuff. The fun part was he doesn’t ask quietly. But back to the emotional part, he’s sad when someone is hurt – especially the “good guy” – and ESPECIALLY when the “hero” is weak and vulnerable. But you can see Gareth brighten up when the “hero” is ok and doing what he does best “taking care of the people.”

Now I might try to get a hold of the first movie .. just to watch it again with new eyes. Interesting how the “new” brings us back to the “old”.

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