Random Thoughts before Watching Germany vs. Italy


It’s nice to get a couple of emails and a phonecall from the students and positive feedback (from one of the pastors of the students). The above photo is from my maiden seminary TEE course I co-taught with Sherman (who’s missing from the photo) This reminds me of the time I was teaching conversational English before I went into seminary where I enjoyed student-teacher relations.

I think the World cup fever is affecting my blogging output. 😛

changes changes … so many changes … Lord have mercy.

101 things on the plate .. again. But I’m taking it easy,

It’s wonderful today when I hear the story of one who’s been with our community for some time and on and off (due to the nature of his job). And it’s great to start the process of “catechism” looking forward for his baptism later this year!

I resisted buying a book today. I’ve got a lot of unread ones anyway. Slow down and read some …

Stress (unhealthy) used to be seasonal for many of us … now it’s becoming or already a norm.

I need to get my old guitar back and change the guitar strings.

anyway, back to football … with music!- it’s more than sport … it’s a dance 🙂

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