Emergent Comebacks

What (again) is an emerging theology?
“The whole idea of an ’emerging theology’ is nebulous, which is probably unavoidable and probably a good thing. But every now and again I feel the need to sketch some boundaries, contours, intentions, commitments … “ Like it or not, sketches like this is inevitable. Hmm … The metaphor of “sketch” suddenly looks very significant here.

Is there a distinctive approach to theologising for the emerging church?
“Whilst the traditional church continues to battle between the conservatives and the liberals, and between the catholics and the evangelicals, the emerging church has been emphasising the need for right engagement in context or what has been called orthopraxis (right action) rather than orthodoxy (right thinking). It has avoided getting involved in this tennis match over orthodoxy. The emerging church has been focusing on ‘doing’ church in a post modern context, which is all about being and doing church in our liquid modern times, which has created a new context of a culture of the spiritually restless and spiritual searching, or the openness of many to be spiritual tourists. Many emerging churches, have sought to draw on the best of the old and reframe it for our current post-modern context, in what has been called ‘ancient-future’.” Just replace the word, “post-modern” with “post-colonial” or “global” and we’re creating room for the possibility of much mutual learning. Because there are some of us here who are also seeking and exploring “A way of doing theology in which one takes into account: the spirit and message of the gospel; the tradition of the Christian people; the culture in which one is theologising; and social change in that culture.”

An Emerging Story
The details maybe different but the themes of questioning, belonging, solitude, settling, moving on, community, relating more to “non-believers” but knowing “somehow that Christianity is my home”, etc. makes people like me who are pastors in local churches sit up and listen.

The challenge is after listening and even seeking to respond by attempting to “change” to amend what is perceived to me the inadequacies of the “church”, one still needs to “let go” of being “controlling” in expecting more predictable results.

An Emergent Village Affirmation of faith?
I like what what Scot says here, “I suggest that more folks take a gander at this before tossing rocks at EV folks. What some seem unwilling to accept is that EV has no statement of faith, since it a safe place for exploration, but these leaders seem to agree on these very typical doctrinal ideas. Let the conversation continue; learn where you are as you converse.” So now we call them EV folks … cool.

Emerging Kids & Communion: The Kids’ Table
The moments we begin including kids in the conversation we’re moving in the right direction.

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