Random Thoughts after the World Cup

Nothing very memorable actually. Headbutts, diving, a few fantastic goals, lots of tactical play, acting, red/yellow cards, etc …. keeping up with it was tiring. I’m glad it’s over. Then again, why were we caught up in the first place? 😛

Will I manage to return to some more substantial blogging? we’ll see. For now, it’s random.

Living one day at a time .. one step at a time … one can’t plan exactly how to face the next challenge, but I can at least be more prepared. Somehow there’s a subtle difference.

Called someone a while ago, I wonder what’s on her mind? What leads one to choose one option over another?

Burdens, blessings, blurness, barriers, bumps … bummed …

The swim was helpful. A short one but a needed one. Somehow the tension in the mind and heart is released. New stress is always waiting. Some have a “free and easy” approach, I think I do too to some degree. It must be a pretty big load then.

Awareness is growing these days but understanding is often lacking. commitment is rare and the art of reviewing is almost not existence. Either we’re too busy to review, or we think we can just move on.

Is there a difference between being stubborn and persevering? How about Holding on to a stand and plain closemindedness? How do we find the wisdom to discern the difference?

Oh it’s past midnight. I was suppose to start sleeping.

I shall.

Let me find a book first.

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