Random Thoughts while my hair dries

I was a little surprised and feel supported by the comments on my post Random Thoughts before taking a bath

Perhaps I’m getting back into blogging rhythm. I was wondering should I write more. do I have anything to say? or more precisely – anything worth saying?

A full day for me today. Lectio Divina. delegation. administration. appointment 1. lunch (in 10 minutes). appointment 2. mini-tea time. suprise dinner (the pork was good). LiFe Group. Mini-supper. I ate quite a lot today. I also had “appointments on steriods”. More than I usually have.

I need to have a day of study and reading. I need to catch up a little.

Looking forward for the Friday seminary trip.., it’s also fund when there’s a companion.

Today, practiced quite a bit of listening. Listening to what are people’s passions. Trying to understand what motivates others. Discerning is quite a bit of hard work. I’m happy with the silence right now.

I’m back to my cooler and calm self. The air-con is good.

There’s an ulcer in my mouth. A little bit of sore throat. Ouch!

Tonight is one of those nights where I come home and everyone is sleeping. Missed kissing the kids good nite. Tomorrow, we’ll have time together.

Lots of conversations today have stirred my brain juices to bubble more. And there’s also the feeling dimension too. And the constant questions on how do I connect this in concrete ways.

The world is REALLY much smaller than i think – especially relationally. I’m havign a look at Six degrees of separation again. 🙂

Oh yes, today I learnt the importance and wisdom of restraint a little better.

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