Random Thoughts after a pretty good day


It was good to reach the MV Doulos (picture above) around 10am today at Port Klang. Bumped into a lot of familiar faces and old friends. My favorite part were getting some books for very good prices like Colin Gunton’s Act and Being for RM8. I thoroughly enjoyed the guided tour of the ship with a handsome friendly fellow Malaysians Simon and the Jovial Nigel.

One thing I came back thinking about was the amount of discipline, thought and organization needed to facilitate an environment for a community of more than 300 people adult and children (and also multinational!)

the ice cream on board was GOOD! And we sad at a cool place to enjoy it!

I almost fell asleep here and there after lunch driving back… phew! thus, the afternoon nap was so needed. 🙂

Had a good dinner tonight .. pizza and all. I don’t eat Durian but May Chin and our guests had a great time.

It was nice to hear someone identify themselves with BLC (our church) today… in a sense she has been included all along in some way. Perhaps this is her way of including herself?

I’m thankful for a good time of listening and conversing with a young couple seeing the best for each other and their future. Lord, may you contine to guide their path and we “older” ones making room to be there and share in their journey.

It was good to listen to Gareth talk about “stuff” we are processing with him today. There are areas of behaviour, attitudes and perhaps fears which need attention. Parenting is rewarding and uphill in many ways.

The silence is precious right now. I think I will savour it for a moment.

I think I’m going to get a cup of warm water, my highlighters and pen, my journal and spend some time to do a 8 minute review of the day(Mp3).

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