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The images coming out of Lebanon is distrubing. I’m praying. I’m trying to understand what is going on. I don’t want to be indifferent. I need wisdom. I hope to engage in conversations that would contribute to “peace” even though I’m not directly able to affect change. But then again, whatever good change whether it’s at a micro level or macro level is part and parcel of God’s mission to bring his shalom here on earth as it is in heaven right?

Our schedule today was turned a little upside down which is ok. I’m glad we had a great dinner a last minute willing guest which turned out to recommend dishes that was a highlight for me and May Chin (and especially Gareth – always happy to see him eating well)

Before the dinner we had some fun at the swimming pool together as a family which is a special gift.

It was good to get encouraging feedback from my message this morning based on John 6:22-35 – “Food for Life”. I always appreciate such interaction whether it’s a one line SMS or a one line comment while “chatting”. And it’s even more exciting when we can process the insights of the texts further in our conversations through the week at some point.

I’ve grown strongly convicted more and more these days on the importance to be shaped by the Gospel (or the Story of God especially through the Scriptures). Our “imaginations” (or the lack of it) has for too long been taken captive by other “powers” (ranging from political propaganda to slick entertainment and every thing in between).

Relationships require a lot of energy and “maintenance” (I don’t like this kind of metaphor but I’ll use it for now), perhaps a better way of putting it. .. is more nurture.

Friendships are fragile, fun, fascinating, frustrating, funny, and full of the unexpected – whether it’s trouble or grace. And yet, this is one of the important “spaces” where one grows …

I’m glad my sabbath has begun … with a good start this week. A little bumps predicted for tomorrow night. But then there’s not perfect “sabbath” where it’s all rest, refreshment, rejuvination, etc. There are times we’ll re-center ourselves in the situation that’s less than ideal. I’ve accepted that reality and I’m freer because of that acceptance.

Encourage to see three books which probably would be written off by some Christians give space to a fellow brother and sister to re-engage the faith in a different way – my prayer is that the “journey” would be a fruitful one. Blessings to all who read those three “cheap” books with “rich” insights (with all their imperfections).

Witnessing two of our “older primary school aged boys” reading the Old Testament reading for today as part of our worship gathering was good. Listening to the New testment reading in Mandarin was good too. Intergenerational and slightly multicultural flavor at work here. Baby steps.

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