Random Thoughts before Labuan Trip

I will “overcome” – and persevere 😛

Glad to manage to delegate through email some stuff which needs to be shared.

Today was supposed to be a Sabbath … most of it was. 🙂

Good to spend some time with close ones.

I’ve been eating crabs for two weeks (or more precisely in the span of one week)

There’s one assignment which is going to be hard during this trip. Lord have mercy. I will survive.

Gonna miss the kids and May Chin.

Can’t imagine being away for a month soon 🙁

This whole friendship thing is quite a mystery.

Sad and disappointed at some points… expected better but then again realism kicks in …

suprised and delighted at other times with openness and freeflow sharing of ideas and concerns.

There’s so much to do … but less hands to help support … Lord have mercy

But then again, there may be new hands emerging … we need time. patience.

Interesing to be asked to leave a yahoogroup 🙂 I then decided to leave another one and also close down one.

it’s very quiet now and a little late.

I should sleep.

I fully trust someone has packed my luggage don’t I?

wonder what book should I bring? would there be time to read?

What’s the bare minimum stuff I need to bring?

Sometimes you expect higher standards in how people relate to each other …

one step at a time

one day at a time.

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