Random Links 109

Why is Wright Misrepresented and Misunderstood by so many of his Reformed Critics?
I’m sure Bishop Wright is not right all the time? Who amongst us is! But this piece is food for thought. Perhaps a word of caution.

Postmodernity vs. the Gospel?
Lots to chew on here and much that will clarify to some extent: “Although I have nothing against contextualization per se, Jamie nor I have this in mind as we present our various takes on postmodernity as a critique of current American church practice. We are both simply trying to unveil what the critique of postmodernity reveals about both our current culture and our current church practice. We are using the postmodern authors to unveil the huge shortcomings of current church practices all because of our indebtedness to modernism and all its manifestations. The response we both offer, however, is not to contextualize a church to postmodernity, but rather to reinvigorate an ecclesiology for our times. As Jamie states “it might just be these Parisians who can help us be the church.” (p.23).”

21st Century Pharisees?
I’m interested to get the book when the time is right (so many books to read and reflect on), this little sentence here is really wetting my appetite –> “Rollins doesn’t want us to think that “our beliefs are inherently problematic, but only that they become problematic when held in a manner that would claim more than some provisional, pragmatic response to that which transcends conceptualization.” (26-27)

Teaching Seminary, Teaching College
I sent this to a seminary principal to see whether I could get a response 🙂

500 free electronic journals(pdf) (HT: Chris Tilling)
Hyperlinks to about 500 free electronic journals in the field of theology / religious studies! ARRGGGGHHH!

Charlie Rose – Rick Warren / Gregory Boyd
Interesting to see how both these “evangelical” pastors respond to the questions and how they view the participation of Christians or the church in the USA political scenario.

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