Random Links 110

*Note: I thought I’d share some links of stuff I’ve put in my Ipod and has been making my drives especially during traffic rush hour much more pleasurable and enriching*

The Last Thirty Years: What We’ve Learned along the Way
Seminar at the Calvin Symposium on Worship January 26, 2006

I was moved by Nancy Beach’s closing words in the last session and appreciated Brian McLaren’s sensitive acknowledgement of that during the short time he had. A pleasant surprise was hearing from Joyce Zimmerman. And Eugene Peterson is always classic.

Tony Campolo Messages
Tony’s always worth listening to – for the passion as well as the wisdom!

Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett
Looking forward to download from the archives the Pelikan and Polkinghorne podcasts.

Building Bridges of Understanding: Tony and Peggy Campolo on Homosexuality
I’m listening to Tony’s 1st session right now. “Two committed Christians with two different views – yet they are able to share the same bed each night and respect each other’s faith. How do they do it?” I wonder too.

The Veritas Forum
Loads of goodies for a variety of interest and concerns.

Allelon (Radio)
One of the few places we can get stuff by Todd Hunter whose internet (blog) presence I miss dearly. Peterson, Wright and Willard also makes their contributions.

InterVarsity Audio Resources
Will return to this when I’m free…

IVCF Graduate Conference 2006 resources
The four words used to lead us into the presentations — Culture, Scripture, Postures, Calling are inviting!

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