Random Links 111

willow leadership summit summary (via Marko)
I like the Bono quote: “The gospel that changes a heart without moving your hands is not the Gospel.”

A Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future
Can you hear the call? I wish more will … I’m listening and I think it’s good: ” In sum, we call Evangelicals to recover the conviction that God’s story shapes the mission of the Church to bear witness to God’s Kingdom and to inform the spiritual foundations of civilization. We set forth this Call as an ongoing, open-ended conversation. We are aware that we have our blind spots and weaknesses. Therefore, we encourage Evangelicals to engage this Call within educational centers, denominations and local churches through publications and conferences.” For more go to: An Introduction to Ancient-Future Movement

How not to do a church sign
something a little funny before I sleep

The Search for God
Now I REALLY want to get that book

Dear Church
worth the time for those who are leading and considering leaving.

Sounds good to me!

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