A World of Difference – between Public and Pubic Philosophy!

Sometimes we miss something, and there are those who are kind enough to point it out to us. In regards to the serious matter in the previous post on Multiculturalism in Malaysia. A nice new friend pointed out a very important missing letter which (humorously) would change the meaning of the whole sentence and send us into all sorts of unintended directions. So, I decided to post the following on The Star Online: Blog. Here’s what I sent them (just in case it doesn’t come out! For whatever reason)

Please allow me to point out an important “error” (albeit a humorous one) in your web version of Dr. Ng Kam Weng’s article on “Multiculturalism how can it be wrong?”. Your version states Dr. Ng words here:

“I wish to stress that open debate on pubic philosophy is itself testament to the robustness of our national Constitution that envisions the task of nation building to be inclusive and open to positive contribution from all citizens regardless of race, culture and religion. ”

I suspect Dr. Ng intended us to engage in civil conversations on public philosphy. That is where our focus should be.

I laughed quite a bit after thinking through an imaginary discussion if it was based on the original “erronous” quote.

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