Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night


Elysia surprises me daily with a new antics … Gareth makes me smile with his growing maturity. May Chin has been cooking some yummy dishes lately. Potato dishes 🙂

Writing devotions based on the Psalms 51-72 has been rewarding but extremely challenging with I get into the more angry, no holds-barred laments. I need to wrestle with the tone and feel of the content.

It’s interesting to listen to my own sermons after a while – so that’s how I sound. Listening to the Mp3s of the recent church retreat transported me back for a little while.

Once in a while we get special gifts: A heartfelt e-commentary from a dear friend was one special gift last week.

I got as phonecall early in the morning today asking what time is our worship gathering – that was a pleasant surprise.

Hoping to transition into a different rhythm starting tomorrow. One more camp. One more conference. One extended trip overseas. One more wedding. All lining up. Time seems excelerated as the year is closing its chapters. Lots of lessons learnt and lots to give thanks.

Lately, Augustine of Hippo’s prayer on finding our rest in God has been ringing true and repeatedly for me … and I believe for my generation.

There’s some unfinished projects I hope to finish off tomorrow.

Last Friday’s 10am – 6.30pm meeting was fruitful but extremely tiring for my whole being. The Ghost Stories night opened up a little learning curve for me – and “brightened up” the evening.

I’ve slowed down in terms of reading … and deeper “meditation” on subjects that concern me. I hope to get back on track this coming week.

As energy levels are no longer optimum all the time, I realize I need to center more in order to focus more. And yes, the swimming pool is calling me again 🙂

someone just asked me to kick some “butt” but I told him I don’t have energy to do so. hahahhaha

Slowing down and relooking at photos. and some videos I’ve taken with my little Canon A70 camera has been good.

Thanks Jess for the picture above sent to me … it’s nice to be on the other side of the Camera.

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