eMo 2006.9: Because We Miss Each Other?

Here’s the invitation I sent our via our yahoorgroup.

… we also don’t have any “big” thing or agenda for this round.
The fact is some of us miss each other, or have new friends to introduce to one another, or are trying to keep up with our reading, etc. So, probably the main accent of this coming meeting is “friendship” and charting the remaining part of the year. Exploring some possibilities for Brian McLaren’s visit for 2007, and how we can “get ourselves organized” :-)?

If I can manage a little topic I will try – but I dare not make any promises yet. It’s been a fruitful time of ministry from a local church perspective and personal end like my experience with SIBKL’s E06 conference. So, there’s a lot on my mind. And lot’s to throw out for all to consider. I know Raj and CLGCPJ has something coming up with I think is good in November.

September, 17 SUNDAY

Bangsar Village
Star Bucks (got free wi-fi I heard)

Catch up .. and whatever I can manage to get us going.

Raj did an excellent paper on Ecclesiology .. which I’m very tempted to have him share a summary of his paper (rumor said *grin* it was very well done!)
It may be good to use his thoughts as a center and then others chip in ..

I know Kia Meng has been reading Jamie Smith’s book on Who’s afraid of postmodernism?
Yew Khuen on Volf’s Free of Charge
Jade owe’s us her thoughts on Wright’s Simply Christian

(Or cant we meet simply Because we miss each other?)


Of course, it’s more than just wanting to meet up … it’s a chance to enrich and sharpen each other …

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