Random Thoughts after Networking overload

[this cool bike above is at the lobby of the resort we are in]

There’s a sudden feeling of “networking” overload right now which makes me need some “unload” time right now. Thus, random thoughts return.

I’m glad I’m here … at Port Dickson. I’m sensing a kind of leading of some sort. Now it’s discerning what is the next step.

The dinner tonight was good … not because of the food (which was also good) but because of the opportunity to listen to men who are so much more smarter and in many ways wiser than I am. The conversations beyond dinner have totally stimulated me until I find it hard to sleep. Thus, some random thoughts.

I hope I can cope in the next few days physically and emotionally 🙂

I miss my kids and wife.

I need to work out how to “delegate” for church ministry tomorrow.

I find myself genuinely and happily suprised by what is “emerging” out of the new relationships forged and the conversations since Monday night until now. I never imagined this would have happened. These surprises are good.

It’s nice to get lots of goodies – books, CDs, DVDs etc.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day – with some traveling and connecting people again. I’m noticing this today “connect” – “connect” – “connect” … I enjoy it. It energizes me to see what might possibly happen.

Glad there was no rain today.

I got to know my room mate better today too … he’s sleeping.

I’ve got a lot of things on my mind. Name changes. Possible new directions. It’s easier to think about Malaysia. Asia seems big but perhaps that is one dream to consider. After all is said and done, some of the current “networking” – or genuine friendships formed is already better than I expected.

I have so much I need to learn … and there’s much floating in my head that requires settling down. Keeping theological reflection close together with missional praxis consciously is a fascinating exercise. Now how to we move to the next level and do this in community … naturally (and perhaps virtually?) but more important consistently for a sustained period of time which would bring genuine fruit.

I REALLY feel much gratitude to those who made it possible for me to be at this place. A big thank you to them .. a Big thank you to God!

Now, feeling a little bit wiser 🙂 more restful … with much more reforming to happen .. I shall move into horizontal meditation – sleep. 🙂

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