Random Links 125

Stopping Cultural Drift
Simon Chan the Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Theological College in Singapore is getting some airplay 🙂

More than Saving Souls
an interview is always better so we can hear Prof. Simon Chan in his own words.

The Limits of Tolerance
One of the Malaysian Bishop’s sent me this link … and this statement from the piece makes me wonder whether those who hold on to such opinions about those of us in the “south” really know what they are talking about or at least have a proposal for the future: “… “We will depend on them for vitality,” Father Greeley predicted. “But they will continue to depend on us for the ideas.”

To judge by a murmuring restlessness in the crowd, more than a few audience members were surprised such a remark. It seemed–how to put it?–patronizing. Do people in the Global South have no ideas of their own? Is theirs a faith of pure emotion? Catherine Barsotti, a professor at Centro Hispano de Estudios Teológicos outside of Los Angeles who attended the talk, told me afterward that Father Greeley is, generally, “a voice of sanity in the Catholic Church, [someone who is] trying to get the church to hear people it doesn’t like to hear.” Which is why, she added, “I can’t believe he meant what he said.”

Putting the malaise into Malaysia
One we start talking about economics, everyone gets concerned.

Don’t imprison apostates!
The “conversation” needs to go at least two ways or more, one with the “other”, and then one with “ourselves” within. And of course, more discussion with those whom may create an environment for all to live in reasonable peace and respect.

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