Random Thoughts on a Sunny Morning


Every morning has been bright and sunny since I’ve returned from Germany.

The wedding and dinner last Saturday went on smoothly for Carmen and Joey. The drizzling rain stopped just in time with many of us stressed out and praying the “garden wedding” would make it 🙂

I woke up a couple of times last week around 3.30am or 4.00am. Now, it’s pretty much back to normal. In fact, I think I have healthier sleeping patterns the last few days.

Gareth is enjoying his cereal now. I’m with my coffee.

We fixed a new bed for Elysia and she seems to be doing well on it. Of course, she still cries for mummy here and there.

Last night we fixed a small table and two chairs for the kids. They are happy about it. Oh yes … all items from IKEA. Last night, fixing the table suddenly reminded me of my favorite Lego sets and how I enjoyed first, following the instructions and putting the pieces together. And then after that, it was creative explorations and innovations. Sounds like my modus operandi in many areas.

Haven’t managed to get back into a more “reflective” blogging posture. But, I’m glad to get back to some reading. And catching up with Newsweek Magazines (which we subscribe) and some Time Magazines (May Chin brought back for me to have a look).

Had a meeting yesterday morning for our denomination education programs for next year. There should be another one before next week’s executive council meeting. So, work is already piling up. This Sunday I’m looking forward to our combine Christmas worship service in the evening with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. It’s a first time for us … a kind of “official” combined service between two smaller churches which I think is a great idea.

I enjoyed a brief chat conversation with Steve Knight. It was another of those delightful surprises which is encouraging. Makes the day sunnier!

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