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The Modern Word – John D. Caputo Interview
I’m reading Caputo’s book On Religion so this is a supplement. The book is easier and refreshingly constructive than I expected 🙂 I will read the interview later.

Deep Church lecture series no.4: On being a theological (Gospel) teacher – notes from the frontline.
I’m following this series quietly. This should wet our appetite: “The aim of mission is not just to be relevant, yes we need to communicate the divine life but we are also here to invite people into the story if the gospel is not enculturated into the contemporary society it becomes domesticated by it.”

The Other Journal
Check out the special section on “After Attending Lausanne’s Younger Leaders Gathering In Malaysia, Do I Want To Be An Evangelical?”

Christian-Muslim Dialog in Malaysia: Terms of Engagement (Part 1)
Christian-Muslim Dialog in Malaysia: Terms of Engagement (Part 2)
Dr. Ng Kam Weng shares on the challenges for Christians and Muslims … where do we go from here?

staying in M’sia?
Good reflection by a thoughtful young man : “… In our hearts, many of us are afraid of the growing tide of Islamic fundamentalism chorus gripping the nation today. It is inherent in our media, politicians, and the current state of the world. When we discussed the issue in the USJ house, many of us felt similiar feelings on our country. These feelings tended to push us to one corner, and after that choosing the, (I’d put it) “easier way out” to migrate. After all, isn’t it justified? Free will, and a globalized society? Some felt it’s justified. … Looking at the not so favourable outlook facing us Christians today, the question still lingers in many of our minds – To migrate of not? After all, heroes are produced in times of calamities not in good times. And, adversity reveals genius, while prosperity conseals it.”

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