Random Thoughts while it rains …


I could feel the heat .. but when I saw 34 degrees celsius on the signboard when I was driving home in the afternoon. I thought wow .. this is hot!

Happy to have some rain now and some time alone.

Everyone is sleeping.

I’m surprised I finished reading two books last week. One in two days, the other through the week. They are books around 150pages not too heavy but insightful.

Today’s BLC children’s ministry meeting was pretty good. It’s great to see a good team work well together. There’s small steps already towards 2007.

We had a combined service tonight .. the first time for our church and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. will try to put up a video and some pictures once I find my camera cable tomorrow.

Nice to see old friends today.

Changes has been so constant the past 6 years.

It was an interesting experience to pick the guitar and lead worship in an unfamiliar environment today. We managed! I’m always grateful and joyful when I see the children dance with an abandonment that often can’t be replicated in us adults that easily.

One day to rest before a full two days this week and perhaps some days off before stepping in the few Christmas events lined up. I noticed we are quite minimalist this year.

Time REALLY flies. My friend has just turned 40. Wow. .. it was only yesterday when both of us were praying together in a seminary. It’s amazing how now he is a fellow pastor in the same denomination I’m serving in. In addition to that, so is my room mate in seminary. How does all this work out? Lot’s of unexpected events this past year.

Good to see one of our God-sons today. He’s grown up a lot and still has that “free-roaming-spirit” in him! 🙂

Need to put some energy into having some “discussions” with Gareth this week. We’ll see. He’s going to a new kindergarten in 2007 … a Chinese speaking one. This will be a major adjustment.

Suddenly thought about how many times I changed school and how many times I had to adjust to different mediums of instruction – English, Mandarin, Malay … etc. How did I do it? 😛 I do enjoy language. I’ll admit that. And with the right conducive environment I think wonders to happen.

[I just deleted a sentence .. which perhaps would be misunderstood with harmful effects]

I do feel the temperature is cooler now. Time to sleep?

Should I read another book? 🙂

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