Random Links 127

Understanding Burnout Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Looks good. I like the graphs.

Not cut out for religion
Thanks Jason Clark for the link … I love the last section.

Time: Person of the Year: You
It’s an interesting twist than what we’d expect. Feel special? maybe … a little disturbed? a little… but then that’s maybe because there’s so much these days tell “me” that “You” (which means “me”) are the center of the world. Hmmm

An Open Letter To The Attorney General
Open letters are getting more popular nowadays in the local news.

Leadership Network Books
I think like it or not I need to deal with “leadership”, I enjoy healthy “networks” and I love books. ..so … maybe I might get the book they are blogging about, maybe … maybe not. But nice blog!

5 Things Every Pastor Should Know About the Multi-Site Church
Thought about it before, not much in depth though. Maybe because I saw the book with the title “Multi-site church” in the book store.

Friend of Missional
Lots of good links.

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