Flood Reflections

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I got an SMS from one of my church members who’s in Australia right now on the day of heavy rain and flood. I was shocked to find out that his Grandmother and maid were trapped in the house when the whole town of Segamat was flooded. he asked for prayer.

After a few more SMSes, thankfully I got news that some people came with a boat to help them out. I think some members from the Methodist church managed to offer assistance.

It’s times like this when reading the news isn’t a distant experience. Because someone closely connected is affected. But the fact is no matter what news we read especially when it comes to floods and disasters .. another human being in the human family is affected whether we have blood ties. Then again, on second thoughts all of us are related.

From what I hear the water is subsiding which is good news. There is a Chinese website giving updates here www.segamat.8talk.net (HT: Sassy MP) Teresa Kok highlighted important stories for us here :

“Slow rescue works carried out by the rescue teams in the flood in Segamat is causing alot of grief , anger and dissatisfaction.

Many flood victims have been stranded in their houses for more than 10 hours. Some have climbed up to the roof top and waited for hours to be rescued. Yesterday a sick woman died in her sonís arm as no one came to rescue them for more than 24 hours.”

I hope that reports on people taking advantage of the situation by demanding money for the rescue is not true. “RM250 from the flood victims in return for aid to cross the river by boat….” Something is SERIOUSLY wrong here if it’s true no matter how much is being asked..

Lord, judge us for our greed and abuse of vulnerability in others

Lord have mercy.

a prayer …

“Lord, I REALLY don’t know what to pray or say eloquently …

Please take care of the flood victims, especially the elderly, the sick, the pregnant women, the children. …

Give focus and strength to those on the rescue mission ..

Things have gone wrong here … put it right again …

whether it’s in the heart of the disaster area or the human heart


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