BLC Choir 2007

[BLC Choir Practise Video]

After coming back from Germany I was delighted to see the BLC choir 2007 progressing quite well. Vickly from Korea who’s worshipping with us did a wonderful job getting the BLCians organized. We are not know as a “choir” kind of church so it’s fun. The funnier thing for the practice above the keyboard tuning was accidentally tuned higher +22 I think. We found out later and had a good laugh!

We did one more practice last week … and I was amused by the “overtones” contributed by the crying babies and/or kids who were looking for their parents. We did sing the songs during the combined service with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. But I think we’re very happy to have a chance to sing on “home ground” in BLC tomorrow night at our Christmas eve event starting at 7pm.

The scene is typical and “vintage” BLC … a little messy, with no pretense, and ready for surprises. We aren’t a “great”, “professional” choir … we’re just trying to harmonize and communicate what we feel is important. 🙂

[BLC Choir 2007 ]

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