A Christmas Gift from the Sarcastic Lutheran

The following quote has been ringing in my head since I saw it the first time. I thought I’d share it since it was a Christmas gift 🙂 and we’re still in the Christmas season. Good to have the focus.

“Let us, then, meditate upon the nativity just as we see it happening in our own babies. Behold Christ lying in the lap of his own mother. What can be sweeter than the Babe, what more lovely than the young mother! What fairer than her youth! What more gracious than her virginity! Look at the Child, knowing nothing. Yet all that is belongs to him, that your conscience should not fear but take comfort in him. Doubt nothing. To me there is no greater consolation given to mankind than this, that Christ became man, a child, a babe, playing in the lap and at the breasts of his most gracious mother. Who is there that this sight would not comfort? Now is overcome the power of sin, death, hell, conscience, and guilt, if you come to this gurgling Babe and believe that he is come, not to judge you, but to save.”
-Martin Luther’s Christmas sermon (via Sarcastic Lutheran)

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