Random Thoughts After a Can of Pringles


I love the picture above. Elysia amazes me …

This has been quite an “eventful” Christmas … not so much in being busy but in the variety of events. Friday we were at the Rumah Hope children’s home, Saturday I was at the last BLC council meeting for the year (good wrap up), afternoon Christmas eve practice and then an evening party, Sunday was my Aunty’s baptism, and the evening was the BLC service and then the next day I took Elysia to visit a friend’s church (giving mummy and Gareth some space), and in the evening we had a family dinner,. On tuesday a meaningful farewell lunch and in the evening I had to go for a “crisis/conflict resolve” meeting which ended alright with a peaceful prayer and we await what’s next …

I don’t feel drained …. it’s been good. A pretty good Christmas …

chatted with 5 people at one go a while ago … havent done that for some time.

I’ve been noticing Gareth’s caring nature these days …

Looking forward to some time of solitude and closing the year. Lot’s of things to bring to some “closure” …

Did my blood, urine and ECG test this morning. It was fun to bump into a fellow pastor from our denomination. I was goofing around as usual. Rewarded myself after the pre-test fasting with 3 cans of Pringles. I just finished one!

Hope the broadband speed gets back to normal so I can upload the videos.

The car has been giving some trouble. Glad to get one of the leaking pipes changed. But will need to watch the fan.

Need to fix up my new bookshelf … and relocate the books in my library. I think getting it done will also help orientate my mind to get my part-time Master’s program moving!

While I’m preoccupied with myself, I just want to remember those whose Christmas has ranged from unpleasant experiences to a disaster.

“Father, watch over them.”

“Jesus, hold them close to you”

“Spirit, comfort them..”

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