Blog Updates (Malaysia)

I haven’t updated my blog roll for a long time… but I’ve discovered and have been following these blogs with interest.

Krisis & Praxis: To Understand Truth and to Attain the True
Dr. Ng Kam Weng “clearly” states it’s more of a resource page with a blog format than a “REAL” blog … I always enjoy our little chats (which can be pretty long). With titles like “JESUS CHRIST AS ESCHATOLOGICAL PROPHET AND INCARNATE SAVIOR” and “Christian-Muslim Dialog in Malaysia: Terms of Engagement” … I frequent here but need more time to digest his writings 🙂

Random Musings from a Doctor’s Chair
Dr. Alex Tang’s blog is REALLY a blog and he replies and engages in mutual comments. So that’s nice. We met once face to face in a Singapore conference. It’s amazing that we’re in conversation more lately.

Our Reason For Being: An exposition of Ecclesiastes on the meaning of life and how to experience it”
A Malaysian OT Scholar’s offering in a blog format.

Egalitaria: :: speak up :: judge fairly :: defend the needy ::
Before this post is dominated by male voices, allow me to introduce a young female voice which is often refreshing, insightful and challenging. And unlike the more senior sages above, I can at least say I’m older than her (but that doesn’t mean I’m smarter. There’s a difference *smile*)

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