Dr Love a danger to economy

I read this in the New Straits Times yesterday and was deeply disturbed.

“A CHARISMATIC leader of what is believed to be an illegal cult is under close observation, the authorities confirmed today.

Under the seemingly harmless guise of running a motivational seminar, the leader, known only to his followers as Dr Love, has been spreading teachings that are contrary to the Malaysian way of life.

Several former members of this cult have come clean by lodging a police report and holding a tearful press conference.
“We must speak up as we are law-abiding citizens,” says one of them, who declined to be named as she is waiting to sell her exclusive story to a tabloid. “We want to warn the rest of the public to be careful of this man.”

Here are some of the shocking details that have emerged of this cult’s deviant teachings. Warning: Some of them might be a little too sensitive for young readers. The followers of this cult have been advised by Dr Love to:
• Always take one, or a maximum of two, helpings at any all-you-can-eat buffet meal. This is to allegedly “discourage greed and waste”.
• Wait until passengers have a-lighted from elevators, buses or LRT carriages before going inside. This is to allegedly “be courteous to other people”.
• Spend holidays with loved ones at home rather than go shopping “unless absolutely necessary”. This is allegedly to “strengthen family ties”.
• Not have more than one mobile phone per person, allegedly “to save costs”.
• Return any wallet that they happen to find, instead of discreetly pocketing the money. This is supposedly to “build a more honest society”.
• Allow domestic helpers to have full meals and not to physically punish them, allegedly on “humanitarian grounds”.
• Only post responsible comments on the Internet rather than be anonymously abusive. This is supposedly “to encourage transparency”.

“The rules seemed like common sense at the time,” sobbed the one-time member. “But now I realise that they run counter to many of our most cherished values. If followed too blindly, these teachings will cause the national economy to collapse and Malaysians to lose their special quality. Therefore, they should be seen as a threat to national security.”

Following this disclosure, the authorities gave an assurance that the cult has indeed been monitored. “Once we have enough information, we will act immediately. We will not allow the delicate fabric of our society to be torn apart by seditious elements that spread dangerous ideas.” “

Mr. Amir, I think I am guilty of the crimes too … at least guilt by association.

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