Random Thoughts before waking Gareth up!

Rowan Williams  @ St. Mary’s Cathedral, Malaysia

The above is the best up shot I could get of the Archbishop of Canterbury during the installation of the 4th Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of West Malaysia. Many thanks to the Rev. Dr. Albert Walters (who was my lecturer in Islam as well as other subjects) and now neighboring Anglican priest at St. Peter’s, Bangsar for “gifting” us with three invitation cards. We managed to slip through for the seats at the main sanctuary but almost at the end.

I would describe my own feelings right now that it was “liturgy on steriods” for me (we had about 50pages of liturgy!) 🙂 I very much appreciated the Archbishops’ message on the day … and felt what he shared on the role of the Bishop (especially relating it to the role of the Church as well) very refreshing and timely. Truly, Christ is the one who “calls, forgives, and sends”! Of course, there were lots of little gems throughout the message. For example, sometimes the best thing the Bishop does is nothing. The reminder to be at the place of silence and stillness allowing the Word of God to speak to us was absolutely previous considering the kind of activism we tend towards. There’s more. The whole service indeed felt like an enthronement (that was how it was named anyway). I suppose that itself is enough to raise questions on leadership models, power relations and servanthood issues.

What a joy it was on Sunday to conduct a baptism for a whole family in Bangsar Lutheran Church (BLC). To see how far they have come from day one, and trusting in God’s guidance towards the future was indeed worth much rejoicing. The smiles were compounded especially with the news of another new born baby into the family of BLC.

Rev. Wolfgang gave a short historical and theological input before administering the mark of the cross on the foreheads of the newly baptized. To know the origins of this practice from the days of the early Christians many who were slaves were insightful. I liked the part where he mentioned how the mark of the cross not only helped them see te mark represented Christ crossing off their past as slaves, and leading them into crossing over into a new life as slaves of Christ with a new good master ! The relevance is even more pointed when we consider there are so many forces today which seeks to enslave and dominate us. While some of us may not be in physical slavery (from what I know many still are! we mustn’t deny that), it doesn’t mean we are “immune” to such pressures.

Monday’s are increasingly precious these days for father and son bonding. we seem to have developed some kind of rhythm or discipline. After school, we’ll get two packets of economic rice and have what Gareth calls a “special” drink. Then, we’ll have a good nap. I think I need to wake him up soon, so we can head to my mom’s place have dinner and pick Elysia home. Tonight, there should be some homework time. In between are little conversations about the friends in school and what we are up to for the day (which is simple).

He’s still struggling to wake up … give him another 5 minutes? count to 100?

I’m glad I managed to begin slow cooking my reading for my part-time masters 🙂 One of the amusing things today is to read some of the short biographies of some friends who are part of network for contextual theology. I’m the least qualified academically … hahahah … but that shall not deter me 😛 I’m not insecure about it, it’s just funny.

I better not start talking about toilet paper in relation to the above – my friend Sherman will understand.

Gareth, wake up … let’s go to Grandma’s house!

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