Random Thoughts with 2 Kids at my side.

Elysia smiling in car seatGareth cool

it’s a challenge to make sure these two siblings don’t land up in a fight these days. It’s tricky.

But they seem to be enjoying themselves playing imitation!

Elysia continues to surprise us with her new vocab – from “Don’t want to fren you” to “Die oledi!”

Gareth surprised me on Saturday last week when he confronted a girl who was kicking him at the McDonalds play area, saying: “Jesus asked us not to use our legs to kick people ok?” (her parents were laughing at the side while I was quietly observing the conversation). Then he continued, “Jesus said we use our legs to kick the football, ok?” The little girl was stunned and maybe was wondering who is this Evangelical kid with Anabaptist flavor who is actually a Lutheran pastor’s son. At first, I felt a little embarressed … because all this looked a little too religious sounding at first sight. Then later, I “repented” of that .. because what Gareth was doing was living out his beliefs publicly … he wasn’t forcing the girl to agree with him, he was sharing what he thought was right. Later, I advised my son to share a biscuit with the girl. She smiled and all is well ..

I do wonder, do we giggle away when our kids actually “mimic” violent behavior and think it’s cute? or do we tell them kicking someone is wrong? Do we bother at all?

Elysia kicked Gareth a while ago .. I told her it was wrong. Ah … the daily grind of parenting …

2 of them have gone into their room to “sleep”. We hear a voice … “Mummy!”

it’s Elysia … and the cycle continues on and off …

Does having kids change people? For us it did. For me it did especially …

I confess, it makes me more in solidarity when i’m on the phone listening to a worried mother than a daughter probably thinking she has got it more figured out.

I try too to relate to the daughter who has her own thinking … and there was a time when i was a youth pastor I tended to side with the kids.

The fact is both are responsible and it’s probably not so simple. But having kids has changed me. Oh yes .. I was once a kid (still am a grown one in some ways according to my wife 🙂 ).

Both of Gareth and Elysia have come out from their room and are back next to me again. We’re now in some negotiations on how to get them back into their room.

The cycle continues … the learning goes on …

Goodnight …

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