Money Autobiography

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Write out a “money autobiography.”
This exercise originates with Elizabeth O’Connor and is expanded in greater detail in her book, Letters to Scattered Pilgrims. The idea is to write a three-page autobiography which deals with the subject of your life as it is related to money. Give special attention to feelings and relationships as well as reflecting on factual accounts. Below are sample questions that may stimulate your thinking:

What was the role of money in your childhood? What is the happiest memory in connection with money? What is your unhappiest memory? Did you worry about money?

What was your attitude toward money as a teenager? Did your attitude or feelings shift as you grew beyond the teen years?

How do you feel about your present financial status? Will you inherit money? How do you feel about that?

Are you generous or stingy with your money? Do you feel guilty about the money you have? Do you worry about money? Do you tend to be more on the giving end of things, or on the receiving end?

If you lacked money, how would you feel about others helping you pay your rent, or treating you when you went out and were not in a position to reciprocate?

How do you feel about the giving of a tithe? Have you made a will? Would you include some oppressed segment of society or any needy persons in your will?

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