Random Thoughts before a swim at 4pm?

Sunset on LDP

It’s rare but I’m glad we managed to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset last night on the way to a dinner.

The quiet now is so precious.

The 30minute swim at the pool did me some good yesterday, so I thought I’d go for another round.

Reading loads of contextual theology related books and articles last week … overwhelming … rewarding.

Read two ordination papers yesterday, pretty good and yet tiring.

A lot of reading the last week. Some for myself, a big chunk for others.

So, this “random thought” exercise is helpful because it’s a non-overtly-focused kind of activity. A little bit of unloading?

Another 15 more minutes before a swim. It doesn’t look hot … after this we’ll be off to our LiFe Group meeting. It’s nice not to be a facilitator but an ordinary participant. It’s good for me … because most of the time I play “leader” roles.

Next week is going to be challenging. EXCO meeting. Exam Committee Meeting (to be confirmed) Family matters. Juggling time and driving responsibilities. Pending church work to settle.

I was encouraged by the generosity of new people who’ve been joining our community lately. I’m moved by their willingness to give. I can sense the “joy” in their act of giving and sharing! It’s nice to see people respond without any pressure or manipulation. It was a simple invitation.

12 more minutes before I slip into my swimming trunks. Elysia is crying in the background. She waited for mummy to come home the whole morning. Now she’s back, Elysia wants some attention.

The kids spent a decent amount of time reading – which I thought was good. Maybe my extensive ongoing reading was contagious?

Sounds like Elysia wants to go to the swimming pool too.

off we go then. More random thoughts another time.

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