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Mother’s Day Gift close-up

it’s been a long … long … long … tiring day.  How does one survive a meeting which demands so much concentration and focus from 10am to 8pm?

it’s funny how we are connected! It’s even funnier when a string of names in the email have the name “Scripture Union” in common without meeting each other apart from me đŸ™‚ I met with each of them at different camps … fascinating even though not suprising!

I’m enjoying the quiet right now … but I’m a little too tired physically to enjoy it further.

Let me offer a silent prayer now for someone in hospital: ” …”

I feel sad right now as I consider how a church has been hurt … while it’s common to talk about individuals being hurt these days … it’s rare for people to consider how the corporate body is hurt by actions of individuals.

There’s nothing to be proud about finding fault in others or even in systems … what are the steps we are doing to uphold the “spirit” which is supposed to enliven the structures or systems.  And yet, I found it interesting to hear from a younger friend how he valued the institutional church … it was more than interesting .. it was refreshing… again, context helps me appreciate where all this is coming from.

How do you respond to someone who considers something you value rubbish?

There are somethings I find myself more settled …  there are other issues more in a “work in progress mode” … there’s a time to discuss some matters in the open .. there are times when we can’t for whatever reason … I once naively blurted out my feelings on stuff … sometimes I still do … nowadays, I’m intrigued when others do what I have always done .. blurt out without thinking … usually without thinking of others … the cycle of learning continues.

Funny how I used to “admire” some models of Christianity and despise what I thought was “old fashioned” and yet now, I’m beginning to see the value of the ancient without losing sight of the future …

Good to read about how my good friend is enjoying his sabbathical, when is my turn? Looking forward for a mini one soon.

Missed a couple of swimming opportunities … one because of rain. .. another because of a long … long … long … meeting today.

I miss some needed solitude … the mind is a little overcrowded right now.

There are times when one is trying their best even with the limited time and energy we have, and yet there’s  something around the corner ready to sap the remaining bit your still have. We fight hard to pause and re-energize ourselves.

I hope the mothers like their mother’s day gift (in the photo above).  It’s not diamonds but it’s a nice little bag that can keep some!

Not sure when I can resume to more intelligent blogging … now it’s sleepy random thoughts….

I pause … breathe a little slower … and I’m off to sleep (after reading a page or two).

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