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A Non Apologetic Apology

I wonder how many people have “forgotten” the incident by now … This particular “drama” managed to stir me to attend a forum on it and marked my first time hearing some opposition party politicians live! I left the evening thinking about while we may start or be drawn to a “particular” incident to be sensitized to gender issues but there is also other related bigger picture matters which cannot be ignored. I think it’s not a bad idea to have our parliament debates “live”, in my own idealistic mindset, perhaps the fact that the public is watching might help to keep our “elected” MPs in check? Of course, true leadership is more than looking good on TV …

Statistics Of Christianity In Malaysia

Another good one from “Bob the builder”… the numbers are a good springboard for conversation.

Work Smarter Not Martyr

“One person can only do so much.” I need to hear this again and again.

Is the Kingdom Invisible?

“There’s simply nothing invisible or ambiguous about the kingdom of God. It always looks something like Jesus, dying on Calvary for the people who crucified him while praying, “Father, forgive them.” When God reigns, it always manifests Calvary-quality love. The kingdom is present whenever people are getting their life from Christ alone and therefore are increasingly looking like Jesus, doing what Jesus did, and obeying what Jesus taught.”

Evangelicals and Other Christian Traditions

Much that is said here resonates with me … even if I just replaced the word “Anglican” (and it’s related content) with “Lutheran” 🙂 While I’m do not want to “glorify” denominationalism and surely not a “divisive” agenda, there is something about being plugged into historical realities and the particularity of each expression of faith at its best which is helpful rather than harmful.

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