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the issue of simplexity

Three cheers for Luther and another one for Kierkegaard. I can relate to this “simplex” post.

Revelation: A Survivors’ Guide in Empire

I survived many many “doomsday” prophets … I’ve been reading the book in a new light the past years. John Fyre has it right here:

“Citizens of heaven are not dead people, but living people who courageously pray “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” These loyalists to Jesus and his reign refuse to confuse the kingdoms of this world with the kingdom of our God and of his Christ. They don’t wave flags and send armies as if their King needs those things to get his job done.”

Chinese Perception of God as Punisher-Rewarder

We talked about different pictures or models we use for GOD last night and how that affects the way we live and believe.

New Discourse for Our Day

Ron’s points here are helpful especially for storytellers of today:

“Jesus is the master storyteller captivating the masses with parables, allegories, and illustrations. Here are five pointers toward a new rhetoric for post modernity:

1. Words will have to be authenticated with a life-story. Authenticity is necessary in the crucible of the experiential 21st century. Practical transformation is “story” proof.
2. Truth will be just as important but it will be clean, simple and with an earthiness often illusive in today’s cumber-some techno-babble and christianese.
3. Our new narrative will allow others to enter in and tell their own story and see how they are part of God’s overarching story. This will allow a left brain/right brain balance and be more inclusive, compelling and creative.
4. We will seek to move away from the propositionalizing tendency that reduces the biblical story to a bunch of biblical stories with the same weight as Bill Bennett’s Book of Virtues or Aesop’s Fables.
5. We will recognize the power of the biblical narrative is to invite us to constantly reinterpret our life story, with all it’s brokenness, pain and incompleteness against the wholeness and hope bringing narrative of the biblical story. It is this that makes Christianity unique.”

The plain truth on the multitasking myth

I’m going to practice single tasking this week rigorously! starting now…

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