Random Thoughts after taking a Vitamin C pill

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The LCMS Exam committee meeting went well this afternoon. I’m thankful for a good team. Good discussions. Excellent decisions. Looking foward to the direction we’re contributing towards as far as “ordained pastoral ministry” is concerned in our context.

I’m down with the flu … an act of kindness to me was shown by a fellow pastor … a bottle of vitamin C pills which he claimed “saved his life” … wow! I offered to pay him back for it … he said it’s free. Nice to be cared for .. by a fellow colleague 🙂

Before I left the headquarters, another more senior retired pastor started sharing his secret recipe which included burning coconuts with coal to treat my neck … wow! double wow!

I survived the day .. it was hard. My body is aching. Eyes are teary. And I do not … I DO NOT want to start sneezing … because one I start one … it goes for about more than 5-7 times. It’s under control now.

The Chinese Yee Mee for dinner was a disappintment tonight.

Baby no. 4. in BLC is born today .. welcome baby Erin! 4 more to go for this year .. or is it 5? Lost count-lah!

Must drink more water tonight. …

I got my first “advance uncorrected proof — not for sale” book today … thanks Mark Scandrette! I feel so happy to get one that it made me feel physically better. Reading the first pages is already healing! Awesome …

How do we teach our kids to be kind and respectful? Sometimes we succeed, most of the time we struggle.

Elysia, Gareth and Mummy are enjoying some ice cream now … what a joyful scene!

I have about 2 days to recover from this Flu …. water, sleep … rest … decent meals .. relax …prayer .. reading … maybe some chips might help? 😛

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