Random Thoughts while watching American Idol Replay

Elysia and me

Elysia is REALLY special …she’s so full of life, energy, and surprises. While it can be tiring trying to get her to sleep, and she’s very persistent in her ways, the moment she saw me later tonight was full of concern. She said: “Papa is sick oh?” and then pat my shoulder 🙂 indicating she’s caring for me …

I’m feeling better already … the vitamin C helped I think. But Elysia helped more …

Managed to read quite a bit .. and pre-blogged excerpts based on Gracious Christianity which should come out in installments.

Uploaded two days of photos from Friends in Conversation 2007 on my Facebook.

Questions on Baptism occupied my dinner tonight. How can we help people see that it’s not just an individual religious choice? If the idea of God’s calling is emphasized more, how can than positively help them see the connection with the community of believers starting from the local church?

Drank more water … but couldn’t sleep as much as it’s required.

The TV ads are getting irritating ….

Caught up with some of the articles in An Emergent Manifesto of Hope. I picked and read what caught my attention first.

The internet connection at home has been inconsistent and bad … that’s frustrating …

Soul Graffiti came at the right time. I think I’ve been overdosing on heavier theological works. This book is concrete, insightful, reflective and in my view “storied-theologizing” in accessible language at it’s best. I’ll return to it tonight. I love the “conversation” and “experiment” sections at the end of the chapters.

The time of solitude and journaling was good earlier this afternoon … exactly what I needed. Centering ….

Tomorrow will have at least 2 appointments … one meeting up with friends from Singapore. .. another our UFC – Underground Fertility Clinic LiFe Group meeting in the afternoon. In between I need to get ready for Pentecost Sunday … hopefully, physically I can recover as much as I can.

I was drawn to reconsider my own parenting today … it’s not just about the kids, it’s also about our own growth as humans too. Parenting with all it’s ups and downs, perceived success and obvious flaws, forces us to take a good look at ourselves more than just stressing it’s about “shaping” the kids … a more holistic approach shines the spotlight on the whole family. In today’s case, the spot light was back on me … I need to amend my ways … fumbled as usual.

I said sorry to Elysia for my impatience, and she nodded her head and said: “it’s ok!” … and then gave me a hug in the car.

I realized I started with her in this post and after a little spin all over the place returned back to her. She’s indeed special.

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