Random Thoughts before I jump into the pool!

Baby Potato Dish

I enjoyed our simple time together as a LiFE Group last Saturday. Simple. Good food (like this baby potato dish May Chin cooked). The Kids had some fun. Brief review. Quick planning ahead.

Knowledge puffs up … this is a great danger. But knowledge also paralyzes … another great temptation.

Holding paradoxes requires some level of openness to seemingly contradicting positions.

It seems to me simplicity is often confused with simplistic approaches/thinking. Just because one seeks simplicity does not mean one is simplistic. There’s a difference. And it’s not seen in how we articulate ourselves (or the footnotes we put in our papers), it’s hidden in the daily life and struggle of the one asking the questions.

We can utter grandeur schemes and sophisticated analysis, we can write and speak in paragraphs but getting myself discipline to swim and keep myself healthy is one practice which my wife has challenged me to keep.

What will be in my mind when I jump into the pool? I’ll probably let the subconscious do it’s work while the body does its work 🙂

Nice to see random thoughts return.

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