Random Thoughts after putting up loads of food and drinks on Facebook

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There are so many layers and perspectives we can explore on a given subject, it’s easy to get lost and lose sight on what is REALLY at stake.

Who we hang out with does make a difference! One of the few Chinese sayings that has stuck in my mind is the one which tell us when you are near to the red ink you would become “red”, and if you are near to black ink you’d turn “black”. 

Having spent much time in a “church” context I’m well aware how we can turn into an in-house club.  But, I saw the same signs during my season with the Toastmasters, and I see it amongst different vocations.  It’s evident in NGO settings and social activism.  Seems to me talking amongst ourselves is more of a human phenomena than just confined to church.

There are those who think leaving the corporate world and working in a church ministry is easier and less stress.  They will be disappointed.  There are those who assume the action is not in the church but in the NGOs, soon they discover there’s the normal institutional problems that sucks our energy too.  There are those who think migrating to another country they’d find happiness, I was surprised to hear of someone who had to return back to Malaysia after less than a year. There are those who uncritically pride ourselves as communal and caring for the family compared to people in Europe, a few Germans proved me wrong.

It’s encouraging  before we entered into the business part of our meeting where follow-up and decisions needed to be made, the 4 of us spend a good deal of time praying for people in need and acknowledging God’s presence and work in our calling as leaders.

Gareth waited for me last night.

Our worlds and the world is changing fast and furiously. I feel forces pulling us apart internally and externally.  Looks like more and more polarization is on the way.  Seemingly contractions are springing up all over the place.  I heard the word “confusion” again last night.

The need to have a center which can deal with paradoxes, mystery, uncertainties and doubts is a must. Before we plunge into the abyss of losing ourselves.

I genuinely think being an authentic Christ-follower is not popular today.  Many are battling for the throne of our hearts.  Jesus has no advantage … but he’s still calling.

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